Lemery Batangas Beach Resorts
   Batangas Philippines is a province in the southern Tip of Luzon Island near the Verde passage. It is part of the CALABARZON region of the Philippines. Some of the provinces bordering Batangas are Cavite to the north, and Laguna to the Northeast. and Also Quezon province to the East. The Island of Mindoro is located across the Verde passage and is to the South of Batangas across the Sea Called The South China Sea. One of the historial names that Batangas is sometimes referred to is Kumintang.

Batangas Beach Resorts

    As far as destinations for beaches and tourism, Batangas is perhaps one of the most popular areas of the Philippines and certainly for the Island of Luzon. It is located south of the popular city of Tagaytay, which borders Taal Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines. Tagaytay is a beautiful magical area for tourists and has many many restaurants that overlook the Taal lake area.

     Batangas has many small sleepy towns, and one of the most popular for beaches is called Lemery Batangas. This area is a very small town with about 100 beach resorts. It is famous for its black sand beaches, and laid back atmosphere. There are not many places in the Philippines island of Luzon that can beat Batangas when it comes to sheer beauty, and breathtaking scenery. It truly is amazing. That is one of the reasons that Batangas is so popular when it comes time to select a destination for relaxing or spending time on the beach.

Lemery Batangas Beach Resorts


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